Our Process

Being GFSI approved our stringent hygiene processes include our temperature-controlled factory with restricted access and our onsite laundromat which services the washing and rotating of Ferreira Fresh protective clothing (PPE).

The water used in our processing kitchens and throughout the premises is filtered through our borehole system which includes a state of the art UV process and seven 5500L (38 500L) water storage tanks ensuring the highest quality water is available at all times. This goes hand in hand with our 135KVA Volvo generator ensuring our lights (and fridges) stay on when the lights go off.

Our current fleet of 57 new refrigerated vehicles continues to grow. 16 of the vehicles were purchased in 2019 and 2020 enabling us to deliver throughout Gauteng and neighbouring provinces. Our latest addition is a horse and 30-ton trailer allowing us to service long-distance routes.